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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Mid-August, 2018, the band known as The Coachmen separated.  All but one of the former members of The Coachmen elected to form a new group.  Upon discussion and review of several band name ideas, the band adopted the name, Menage A Soul, which translated means "Household of Soul".  This name personifies the feeling of family and the passion for music this family has... to our very soul.  

Our family Menage A Soul:

  • Kia Worrell (Lead Vocals)
  • John Saltamach (Trumpet & Lead Vocals)
  • Michael Davis (Organ & Electric Piano)
  • Dave Frateschi (Sax-es & Flute)
  • Dickie Cappotto (Guitar)
  • James Spivey (Bass)
  • Rock Carbone (Drums & Vocals)
  • Jarod DeJohn (PA Sound/Mix)



Our Story

Our Story

Our music is an eclectic blend of Retro Soul & RnB,  Disco, Rock Party Hits, a sprinkling of more modern dance hits, and more.  The band members are influenced by a multi-generational span of music from jazz and the swing era to modern RnB dance hits.  These influences, our instrumentation, our talents, our passion, our fun-loving nature, and our bond unite in stage performances that are interpersonal, captivating, entertaining, and FUN! 

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Menage A Soul

Syracuse, New York, United States


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